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Sr. Product Manager

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Lincoln, NE or Omaha, NE

We're looking for a Senior Product Manager to work on our Core Video team. All of our products have video at their core—we believe it's the best way for our users to learn and communicate. You'd be responsible for setting our future strategy and prioritization for our team, with the impact felt across all of our products and users. You don’t need to be an expert in video tech, but you're passionate about what it can achieve and also excited about working at a scale. 

You’ll spend your time understanding the priorities of internal stakeholders, who own market segments, but also our external users. You'll define how the video experience can be improved, how video can move between our products more effectively, and how we can ingest and store billions of sports moments in ways that help us rapidly grow our business. You’ll have the chance to work at the bleeding edge of video capture, encoding, distribution, playback and storage.

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