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At PlayerMaker, we are passionate about the “beautiful game” of football. That’s why we develop and deliver our next-generation player development solutions for football academies. Featuring on-footwear sensors that uniquely provide full detection of foot and ball interactions, our innovative plug-and-play solutions provide coaches with immediate and powerful insights into player performance. We know that dedicated focus is a key contributor to winning football. At PlayerMaker, we focus solely on football player development at top football academies. Always striving to stay one step ahead of the competition, savvy academy coaches in the UK and EU use our solutions to better develop player performance and enhance their coaching effectiveness. Like the football players we help develop, the PlayerMaker team is agile and committed. Our driven professionals maintain a proven track record in product development and manufacturing of advanced wearable sports devices. Experienced multidisciplinary experts in sensors, machine learning and biomechanics, our football enthusiasts know how to create and nurture win-win relationships in the international football community. Leveraging our game-changing solutions, single-minded focus and dynamic team, PlayerMaker is reshaping the future of football player development.

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London, UK

2 years ago

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