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Who we are: Omnicoach is a Budapest based startup providing the opportunity to gamers to improve in their beloved games. Omnicoach is designed to be the most practical AI Coach for esport games. Omnicoach is available for Overwatch, we plan to do other games in the near future. We have developed an image recognition technology (built in Open CV) and a proprietary coaching engine tailored to the game of Overwatch. Omnicoach is unique in this regard, as no other software 'teaches' players in a depth comparable to our solution. Check our demo here:

The team consists of a strong business division leading the product development and sales, an esport consultant, an experienced player and coach providing the core business logic for the Coaching Engine and a development team responsible for video event processing as well as visualizing the data on a website. Contact: If you are interested in working with us, send us your CV at


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Full-stack Python Developer



Budapest, Hungary

a year ago

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