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Second Spectrum

is looking for a

Senior Computer Vision Engineer

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Los Angeles, CA

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, prototype, implement and evaluate computer vision algorithms in Python and modern C++.
  • Leverage Amazon Web Services (EC2 and S3) to run algorithms on large number of servers in the cloud, to analyze sport matches from our installations for diverse sports (basketball, football, ice-hockey, etc.).
  • Train computer vision algorithms using our labeled data sets of sports videos, updated daily by our operators.
  • Develop readable, maintainable and efficient code and contribute to Git repositories.
  • Review code of other engineers and contribute to the company‚Äôs engineering good practices.
  • Keep up with the latest innovation and techniques by attending international computer vision conferences, such as ICCV or CVPR, and by discussing papers every two weeks.
  • Act as a mentor for interns.
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