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Forza Football

is looking for a

Senior Android Engineer

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Gothenburg, Sveden

Why we need you
Our Android team consists of passionate developers with the ambition to build the best football products in the world and we need you to help us take us to the next level. Not only do we need you for your technical skills, we also need you for your ability to coordinate and help shaping the team’s vision for the future.

Our company mission statement is:

Make the world of football a better place and available for everyone

The Android market is a huge opportunity for us in order to reach our company mission. We currently have more users on the iOS platform, even if the potential is much bigger on the Android platform. This is untapped potential and we want you to be part of the team that makes us the number one football platform on Android.

Who you are
You are always looking to improve, in all aspects. You enjoy honing your skills, both technical and social, and you actively look to sharing knowledge with others. You enjoy working in a group and seeing other people succeed with your support. 

You are an enthusiast when it comes to Android development. You get excited by the idea of forming the technical foundation of our Android infrastructure, building both short-term and long-term solutions in close collaboration with other developers. You understand the purpose of writing robust tests for business critical features, building for the long-term. You also understand the benefits of releasing features quickly, with the intention to learn and iterate. 

What you will do
As an experienced Android developer, you will supply our team with valuable knowledge and insights. You will emphasise the importance of the Android ecosystem and see the global potential the platform enables, in established and emerging markets alike. You will dive down into the nitty gritty parts of product development, in close collaboration with designers, project managers, backend engineers, etc.

Kotlin is our programming language of choice. However, we have components written in Java so experience with both languages is important. 

As an Android developer, you will work with modern tools and frameworks. The list consists of, but is not limited to:

  • RxJava
  • Kodein DI framework (experience with other frameworks like Dagger is sufficient)
  • Retrofit and OkHttp for network layer
  • Android Architecture Components
  • Analytics tools: Firebase, Amazon Pinpoint, among others.
  • Mockito and JUnit for tests

Why work at Forza Football
Forza Football is a team of 30 people from 10 different countries, passionately developing football applications using the latest technology. We're based in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our motto is that if the team is feeling well, the company is feeling well. That's why we created what we believe is one of the best ways of working where every employee has the autonomy to create a good balance between work and free time. Our award-winning open office environment has different sound levels across three floors including a gaming room, meditation room, library, table-tennis, shuffleboard, ball pit and a smallish football pitch.

As with everything, we strive to make the work environment and our products even better.

We are dedicated to building high-quality mobile apps for football fans all over the world. We are in this game for the long term and we will exist for the next 100 years. With your help, we will be able to reach our goal of 300 million users and deliver scores for every single match in the world to every fan in the world. Together we can make the world of football a better place and available for everyone.

Forza Football is bootstrapped and profitable, which means no interference from investors. We have full control over our company and products, and we only build things we are proud of. We keep things simple, we have no middle managers and we void lengthy company policies and bureaucracy. Our ambition is for all employees to have the opportunity to become shareholders. 

We do not hire solely based on experience or university degrees. Rather, we want to hire people who are smart, passionate and self-driven and can learn and adapt quickly to change. We are an equal opportunity employer and are excited to expand our team with diverse talents from different backgrounds and cultures.

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