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Rise Sience

is looking for a

React Native Engineer

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We're hiring a React Native Engineer—focused on building our mobile app. I wrote this letter to help you decide if this is the right opportunity for you. In it, I share what you need to be successful, what success looks like, and challenges you're likely to face.

If it turns out this is a fit, I believe that you will be hard-pressed to find something more meaningful and impactful for your life and career.

It will take you time to read through, but if you do, you should learn something new, have a clear sense of what we're working on, and know if you'll thrive in our current environment. You won't find traditional requirements. Mostly because this isn't a traditional role and we're not looking for a traditional person.

For the right person, this could be a once-in-lifetime chance to do something that matters and propels your personal growth.

Thanks in advance for reading and sleep well,

Leon CTO & Cofounder @ Rise Science

What are we working on at Rise Science?

The short answer: we're building a sleep app for everyday-people that helps you be less tired and get more out of your day.

Sleep is the most potent performance enhancing drug there is. It's the foundation of literally everything we can measure about you. And it's your nights that dictate your days.

Read about how we got started: Our founders' journey to sleep and its importance.

You might ask “Does the world need another sleep app?” The answer is, no, it doesn’t. At least not a traditional one...

Through years of user research and product development, we learned that people don’t want to spend more time sleeping.

What people really want is to have more energy.

It turns out the biggest determinant of your energy levels is your sleep. However, the tools available today only address part of the problem. Some are trying to help you fall asleep (like Calm) and others aim to measure your sleep (like Fitbit, WHOOP, & Oura). None of these services are designed to help you feel better and have more energy. In fact, WHOOP’s recent peer-reviewed paper shows that while their tracker is accurate for measuring sleep it does not effectively improve sleep behavior.

For people to feel better sleep tracking is necessary but not sufficient.

RISE is not a sleep tracker. Our mission is to affect long-term behavior change to help people feel better and have more energy. After all, that is what people want. And to do that, you need to make the feedback loop between your sleep and your daily energy instant. We are not alone, the academic literature backs this up: BJ Fogg says that “it’s emotion that creates behavior, not repetition.” And this is why our company is called Rise Science. We couple peer-reviewed science with constant user feedback to guide our product development.

It’s taken a decade of rigorous work and research to get here. We’ve invested millions of dollars (from the investors behind Peloton, Fitbit, Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter). We’ve studied tens of thousands of users – high schoolers to pro athletes, working parents to retirees - to design and build scientifically robust algorithms to help people live the best lives possible.

If you want to see it for yourself, start a free trial.

The work we do next will determine our success

While we’re not an established category with hundreds of thousands of paid subscribers, you’re not starting from scratch. Our product works well, we have tens of thousands of happy customers and a scalable path to impact more people. We didn’t get lucky on product. We got here with a human-centered product team. But the work we do next, together, will ultimately determine how many lives we can improve and write the Rise Science story.

Some challenges of working at Rise Science

What your days at Rise Science will look like and what success looks like:

Success is building a world-class user experience while focusing on prioritizing product needs, and maintaining a rapid iteration pace and a clean code base.

You'll be responsible for working directly with the rest of the product team on building complex user flows, interactive features, and helping to improve developer ergonomics and front end infrastructure. You should have passion and skills in these areas:

Within 1 month, you will...

Within 3 months, you will...

Within 6 months, you will...

Our tech stack looks like this:

While not necessary, experience with related technologies would be helpful:

I know this looks like a lot. It is, and I don’t expect you to be at full capacity in a month. But if you’re the right fit, you’ll start seeing success and you’ll learn quickly.

Some reasons you might like working with us


We target 50th percentile for cash and 75th percentile for equity for companies of our size and capital raised. We will share up-to-date market data with you so we're seeing the same data. We'll dig into specifics as soon as it's a clear fit on both sides.


US-friendly hours are strongly preferred. We’re a 100% distributed team (most in Eastern and Central time in the US) and we keep our meetings to an absolute minimum. However, we often work semi-synchronously so it’s important to have some solid workday overlap.

If this sounds interesting, let's talk.

Instead of a cover letter, email me at | Subject: 'Rise Science React Native Engineer' and include your answers to the questions below. We value great writing and clear thinking. We also value your time. Take the time you need, but apply the constraint of about an hour, not more.

  1. Tell me why this opportunity feels right to you and how it fits into what you want to do next. What did you respond to in the letter?
  2. You'll be responsible for leading the development of key features in our mobile app. You'll be a key member of our product team working with designers, product managers, backend, data, and other front-end colleagues. In around 250 words, can you describe something you've been involved with that's most comparable?

And now some tactical questions — you can answer these quickly. Feel free to answer yes/no

  1. Have you worked as part of an integrated product team (PM, designers, engineers) all part of the same team? If yes, what was the team composition?
  2. Have you worked in an environment where you decompose design files into a development plan or has it been mostly working from Jira tickets?
  3. Have you worked on a mobile app with complex state management?

For these, a few sentences of color is all that we're expecting.

  1. What part of the stack are you strongest in? UI, Mobile state management, front-end infrastructure (tooling, CI/CD), testing.
  2. Did you use unit testing and integration tests on your last project?
  3. What are the top 1-3 challenges, in your mind, with state management in react native mobile apps?
  4. What are the top 1-3 pitfalls when building complex, dynamic UI animation to keep them smooth and free of weird jitters and jank?

What to expect next

I’ll hand review what you send. I’ll respond with either “I don’t think the fit is here” or that we should move forward with the process. If we move forward, here's what the rest of the process looks like. The goal is to learn together if this is an amazing fit for you .

  1. Interview: We meet over Zoom and cover some basics, then focus our conversation on questions about your past work and how it relates to what you’d be doing at Rise Science.
  2. Work Review: You've read the job letter and what we need you to do. During this conversation I'll ask you to walk through, in detail, how you've done this in a past job. I may invite a few team members to join.
  3. Work Simulation: We'll send over a take-home challenge that will let us simulate working together. This is designed to be similar to the type of work we do here at Rise Science. This stage should take no more than 5 hours, and we'll both have a clear sense of how we work together by the end.
  4. Team Talks: At this stage we're incredibly excited about your potential with Rise Science, and it's time to get to know the team you'd be working with. You'll find time with 1-4 of your potential future team members. You will also spend time with our CTO and CEO talking about how Rise Science can support you on your personal journey.

No recruiters or agencies. Thank you.

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