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Sports Betting Innovative Analytics

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Quantitative Modeler - US Sporting Events

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Remote (US)

Looking for a talented and highly motivated Quantitative Modeler for a unique and exciting opportunity to
work with a small team to accurately predict the outcomes of future US sporting events. Candidate must
have a strong understanding the wagering markets involving these events. Candidate should have
hands-on experience with statistical modeling. Ideal candidates will also have experience in traditional
data science (analyzing data) and more modern data science (AI, deep learning). Candidates must be
capable of working in a remote environment.

Required Qualifications: 
- Python (scripting, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-learn, jupyter notebooks)
- Experience with machine learning algorithms, such as neural networks/deep learning, SVM, XGBoost,
Random Forest, generalized linear models, etc.
- Understanding of Sports Wagering Markets
- Experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SageMaker, CodeCommit)
- Experience with MongoDB or similar NoSQL database

Desired Qualifications: 
- Sports Analytics
- Experience with Database Management
- Experience moving research into production - serving models, hosting on cloud resources,
automation, etc.
- Background in Game Theory, Control Theory
- Tensorflow or equivalent deep learning framework such as PyTorch, Caffe(2), MXNet
- Experience with ensemble methods

Job Description
- Investigate, identify, develop and optimize new methods, algorithms and technologies to derive
novel, competitive insights from disparate data sources.
- Collaborate with other data scientists and developers to identify, design, build and maintain tools,
analytical workflows and applications to streamline and strengthen current processes.
- Applying new and emerging analytical methods and visualization technologies on real world data
for the purposes of building investment strategies around the outcomes of sporting events.

Please send resume to:

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