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Quality Analyst

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We consider ourselves a gaming company even through we don’t make games because we work hand-in-hand with world-famous developers, because we love these games and are members of the communities that make them thrive.  This is not for the faint of heart. Working in a startup is hard, unpredictable, and demanding. Only the most passionate people thrive. Your love for League of Legends and other video games, your expertise and craft, attention to detail, and your dedication to a great user experience will take you far with us.

As a Quality Analyst, your are the guardian manning the wall that protects our users. Your unrelenting dedication to making sure everything is working perfectly before it ships, and then ensuring that the experience is mirrored in all of our players will make you a champion we need but might not deserve. Your thirst for learning and understanding of how everything comes together will allow you to grow and contribute to the creation and refinement of Mobalytics. We are focused on League of Legends right now, but if you love all sorts of games and find yourself thinking about how it all fits together, then you are definitely in the right place with us.


Your Technical Skill Set

Your Personal Skill Set

If you love games and have a strong desire to create beautiful products for passionate communities of competitive gamers, this is the place for you. We really want to help players be their best self when playing with others around the world, and you should help us create that environment.

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