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Product Manager

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As a Product Manager, you will be a party leader. Your decisions will make or break your party and our brand. For this reason you must be good at many things. You must understand the game you work on really well and even other games since there are a lot of common themes across Mobalytics. You must understand people very well, both those that play the game and those that you work with. You must be able to use your instincts, but couple it with solid data to reach the best conclusion. You must understand how to evaluate resources at your disposal and quantify effort and time teams need to accomplish a goal. Most importantly, you must be a great communicator as you are responsible for getting your message across different teams in time to finish the dungeon before people have to afk.



Product Manager Responsibilities


Mobalytics Required Personal Skill Set

If you love games and have a strong desire to create beautiful products for passionate communities of gamers, this is the place for you. We really want to help players maximize their enjoyment when playing with others around the world, and you should help us create that environment!

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