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Platform Engineer - Defence and National Security

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We create services and tools that help engineers to easily create, run and configure simulations, that enable defence organisations to test decisions, plan and train in digital synthetic environments that accurately represent the largest and most complex multi-domain scenarios.

The Skyral foundations team delivers the operational and foundational capability of the Synthetic Environment solution by providing the services and automated configuration of the base infrastructure that underpin a secure, resilient, and robust ecosystem.

Our team embraces and enables the practices of DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering in a fast-paced dynamically evolving environment using GitOps-driven infrastructure and Agile development practices.

Our foundational sub-system enables fundamental and critical selling points of the Skyral synthetic environment related to security, resilience, operability, and observability. We also provide core services for authorization, persistence and other capabilities that embody and promote reuse, consistency and enablement for other subsystems.

Your Opportunity:
  • Design and develop foundational components and capabilities with recorded architectural decisions, automated validation and supporting technical documentation.
  • Research and evaluate new technologies based on needs and feature requests from engineering teams.
  • Present and participate in release demonstrations sharing new capability and related best practices with the engineering community.
  • Mentor and coach members of the engineering community seeking to make them awesome technically, with agile practices and a team first approach.
  • Build and develop the foundation layer that provides the base for the synthetic environment by delivering capabilities like Identity and access management, Observability, Backup and Recovery, Secrets Management as well as services to enable portability, maintainability and usability.

  • Why You're Made For This:
  • Experience working with any of the major cloud vendors and ‘Infrastructure as Code’ (ideally with Terraform).
  • You are capable of developing APIs and libraries supported by automated tests (e.g. unit, integration) and documentation as code.
  • Experience with one or more programming languages, Golang would be ideal.
  • Preferably you will have knowledge of advanced concepts like K8s operator model, networking and storage orchestration
  • Experience in configuring, deploying and supporting (sharing best practices) Prometheus, Grafana and Loki (or similar tooling).
  • Knowledge of advanced observability, such as profiling and network visualisation is beneficial but not essential.
  • Experienced with Kubernetes and Docker whilst knowledge of Helm is a benefit but not essential.
  • Knowledge of cloud access control and zero trust models. Knowledge of policy as code is beneficial

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