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Stats Perform

is looking for a

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

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We are building new products that never existed before, we are redefining how fans worldwide experience sports.  Our AI teams are tasked to improve and expand our core technologies and help solve many unique and interesting problems around sensing, tracking, understanding and predictions.

As you can imagine, such an ambitious vision takes a great team with a strong desire to explore and innovate.

Job Purpose: We are looking for a Lead Machine Learning Engineer to build world-class machine learning platform solutions. You will be responsible for empowering data scientists and AI scientists by developing a collection of industry-strength platform services to greatly improve scientist’s productivity and facilitate innovation.



●     Lead the overall technical direction of Stats Perform’s Machine Learning platform

●     Build Stats Perform’s Machine Learning platform and services to support major AI and Data Science use cases

●     Manage the ML lifecycle, including data prep, training data generation, feature engineering, optimization, experimentation, reproducibility, deployment and end-to-end workflow management

●     Enable ML and Deep Learning capabilities at vast scale by developing the necessary systems, tools, technologies and integrations as part of the ML Platform offering

●     Help accelerate the velocity from idea to interference in production

●     Engineer the de-bias, ethics, security and compliance aspects of ML pipelines, centralized feature store, model meta-store, and inference metrics store etc.

●     Work with partners and stakeholders to identify data acquisition opportunities, create requirements, transform large volume data into AI ready high quality relevant datasets

●     Achieve quality ML data using a triad of people, process & technology

●     Identify, assess and implement 3rd party technologies that may complement Stats Perform capabilities, and accelerate advancement of critical features; maintain strong collaborative relationships with 3rd party technology providers


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