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Junior Software Engineer - Growth

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Peloton is extending its technology platform in support of a new member acquisition channel within its Ecommerce division. As part of this effort, we are seeking a Junior Software Engineer with experience building solutions for B2B / B2B2C who have a penchant for innovative thinking, strategic solutioning, and rapid, iterative software delivery.

Peloton uses technology and design to connect the world through fitness and wellbeing empowering people to be the best version of themselves anytime, anywhere. As we continue to grow towards our goal of 100 million members we are increasing the reach of the brand and improving access to the product by launching a platform to support high growth B2B2C opportunities. Peloton is looking for engineers who are passionate about innovating with a members-first approach to product and technology, ready to build for scale, and excited about data privacy and security by design.


Hiring an entry level Junior Software Engineer to help develop and manage a benefit platform that supports eligibility data and verification, participation lifecycle management, benefit design and configuration, and engagement data reporting. This platform also integrates with a number of core Peloton systems, many of which are in continuous states of evolution. Being able to build flexible and lean software in both green and brownfield systems along with being comfortable communicating and collaborating cross-functionally across a variety of different teams are key qualities for success in this role.

The engineering teams are highly cooperative often using pair and mob programming to tackle tough problems and to spread knowledge. But we also seek to be disciplined and focused and are continuously seeking patterns that help cultivate flow and support deep work. We are remote and because of that we rely heavily on written communication that can scale. We are also big on video interactions as part of how we stay engaged with one another while respecting the fact that exception cases do arise and don’t demand explanation. Trust is an important value for our team as part of how we honor our commitments to each other and to our objectives without undue overhead or indirection.    




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