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Relo Metrics

is looking for a

Implementation Consultant

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New York or Santa Monica

Company Description

Sports teams sell hundreds of millions of dollars each in sponsorships every year, with brands investing upwards of tens of millions or more across the globe. In a world that is now driven by analytics, there is more scrutiny than ever in where every dollar is spent and what a return on investment looks like.


Relo Metrics, a leader in sponsorship analytics, analyzes the earned media value that brands generate from their sponsorships across broadcast TV, social media and streaming platforms. Using technology-enabled analysis, we provide the most comprehensive, automated, and accurate measurement software to value sponsorships. Sports teams can provide a 360º view of how their sponsors get value across every digital medium, and brands can measure who drives their highest return on investment.


At Relo, our core values are:

Position Description

Implementation Consultant

Key Responsibilities

  1. Manage the deployment of Relo Metrics products’ to large-scale customers, enabling customers to achieve quick time to value in their investment
  2. Create launch plans and a roadmap to increase product usage
  3. Design and lead successful ‘pilot’ programs in partnership with sales: establish pilot objectives, goals, and deliver for ease of conversion to full subscription
  4. Design and configure GGS’s internal software tool (Analysis Automation Tool) and ensure client requirements and expectations are met regarding platform use case and functionality
  5. Run training sessions, demonstrate Relo Metrics’ technology, and work through challenges with executives and day-to-day users of the system across numerous use cases
  6. Maintain accurate, high-quality and timely documentation of implementation steps and activities for internal and external partners
  7. Project manage each customer onboarding from initial kick-off to a minimum of 60-days into client valuation, effectively communicate with client and internal stakeholders status of onboarding and results of initial valuation
  8. Partner with Sales to win new business and/or grow existing accounts


Candidate Profile

  1. 2-5+ years of experience in enterprise software deployment management and/or implementation
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  3. Strong technical background with advanced computer skills
  4. Demonstrate experience and a passion for the social media and sports


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