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is looking for a

Full-stack developer

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About you:

You’ll be part of realising this ambition, and will be given both salary and stock options to match your efforts. We believe that you’re a talented full-stack developer that also has a keen eye for how to create products that customers love. Even though there’s a solid product roadmap established already, we believe you come full with ideas to add to it.

You're probably excited by the many unknowns in an early stage startup, and the opportunity that gives you to really make an impact and be part of some critical decisions that will shape the company.

We also think that you’re an avid gamer, maybe you’ve even tried your hand at playing in a competitive environment yourself. Even better if you have an undying love for CS:GO, but if not, we'll get to your game of choice eventually as well. But most of all, you want to help create an ecosystem where gamers can grow and be given the opportunity to make a career out of their passion.

We've built our service in JavaScript, and thus it's a requirement that you're well versed in JS and its satellite tech stacks.

It’s a big plus if you’ve worked in startups before, but not a requirement. We’re a fully remote team, and thus we're flexible on your location.

About the role:

Full-stack developer proficient in JS

One of the first hires in an exciting new startup with some of the best investors

You'll make not only product and tech decisions, but also help build a new company and its culture. You'll leave a mark on our company that will be distinctly visible even when we're 1000+ employees, and this probably excites you.

Apart from implementing new features, you'll be listening to feedback from our active user base (among other places, on Discord) and keeping an eye on product metrics, to make sure you're making the right choices.

There will be a ton of things needing to be done, but very few people to do them, so if you have a role in mind you're looking to grow into and the ambition to get there, this is the place for you.

This role has both salary and equity compensation.

For more information or questions please contact us at

We use:






Our challenges:

Memory efficient code (loops within loops within loops)

Terabytes of inconsistent data

Write heavy, read heavy

Small team, big impact

Naming variables

Bonus points:

Experience handling infrastructure for big data applications

You're a beast in CS:GO

Previous startup experience

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