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DevOps Engineer - Data Engineering

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Remote / Hybrid, UK

FanDuel is looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our Data Engineering organisation in the UK. You will demonstrate passion for building and maintaining highly scalable and available systems used by Data Engineers, capable of efficiently running hundreds of data pipelines at the same time whilst architecting, provisioning and configuring Cloud Architecture to perform the best it can be.

FanDuel Group is a world-class team of brands and products that deliver sports betting, gaming and entertainment to millions of US sports fans, every day. That’s no easy task, and wouldn't be possible without a fantastic team who have helped us pioneer new products and innovative features that make us a leader in the industry. We believe we've created a culture in which everyone can succeed, no matter how you got here.

Every weekend, we have a half million of our closest friends over to our place to watch the game and, well maybe, we make a few friendly bets – actually, we usually make about 3 million of them.

Our customers see odds, lines, spreads, play-by-play updates, deposits, and withdrawals.

We see only data, data, data, data, data, and data.  Each contest generates tens of millions of individual data points that have to be collected, combined, understood, and acted on.  All at the speed of the game. 

No time-outs.

This is not a sports job.  This is a data job. 

What you’ll do:

Our roster has an opening with your name on it

As a DevOps Engineer, in Data Engineering, at FanDuel, you will help us unlock the full potential of vast amounts of real-time and relational data, provide our business with insight, and delight our customers with a world-class personalized experience.

You will help us turn every click our users make, every bet, every goal, every corner, and every tackle into a real-time stream of knowledge allowing us to make better and faster decisions – outplaying our competition.

What you’ll bring:

Everyone on our team has a part to play

Ideally, you will come from DevOps, Data Platform or DataOps Engineering with an automation mindset. Data Engineering is a rapidly changing field so most of all, we’re looking for someone who enjoys experimenting, keeping their finger on the pulse of current tools, and always thinking about how to do something better.

What you’ll get:

We treat our team right 

Join an open and collaborative organisation who value and respect each other and are committed to driving real growth. Apply your experience and intellect as part of an autonomous team with end-to-end ownership of key components of our data architecture 

The requirements listed in our job description are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. You don’t have to satisfy every requirement or meet every qualification listed. If your skills are transferable and you are in the ballpark experience-wise, we’d love to speak with you.

FanDuel Group is an equal opportunities employer. Diversity and inclusion in FanDuel means that we respect and value everyone as individuals. We don't tolerate bias, judgement or harassment.  Our focus is on developing employees so that they reach their full potential.

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