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Stats Perform

is looking for a

Data Scientist

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Job Purpose:  
The role is part of the AI Team with the purpose to bring new models & products to market at a fast pace. You will be part of a dynamic team which will work on solving complex problems by creating cutting edge models based on unique data sets, work with a team on launching the initial product, transition it into the product engineering function and move on to the next challenge.  

•    Research and modeling: 
o    Researching, developing, and implementing the most innovative machine learning techniques to Stats Perform’s wealth of sports data (both structured and unstructured) 
o    Productizing artificial intelligence based solutions alongside engineers and product teams 
o    Providing technical guidance to product teams on the artificial intelligence (machine learning and computer vision) approaches appropriate for a task 
o    Patenting the innovative solutions  
•    Lifecycle and collaboration with our teams: 
o    Machine Learning lifecycle: data prep, training data generation, feature engineering, optimization, experimentation, reproducibility, deployment, and end-to-end workflow management 
o    Partners and stakeholders: identify data acquisition opportunities, create requirements, transform large volume data into AI ready high quality relevant datasets 
o    Accelerate the velocity from idea to interference into production 
o    Achieve quality ML data using a triad of people, process & technology 
o    Conduit between Product and Data Engineering to bring new models into production in a quick and efficient way 
o    Support, train and mentor team members on best ML implementation practices 
•    Enabling our products 
o    ML and Deep Learning capabilities at vast scale by developing the necessary systems, tools, technologies and integrations as part of the ML Platform offering 

Our team members typically have:  

•    Experience 
o    At least 1year of relevant industry experience in software engineering or machine learning and data science 
o    Hands on experience with building enterprise grade machine learning and data platforms 
o    Familiarity with common machine learning algorithms (random forest, XGBoost, etc.) 
o    Preferred knowledge of advanced ML techniques (neural networks/deep learning, reinforcement learning, active learning, data augmentation and GANs etc.) 
o     Experience with high-level programming languages such as Python and preferred knowledge of big data tools 
o    In-depth working knowledge of cloud infrastructure such as AWS or Google Cloud 
o    Proficiency in, at least, one modern deep learning engine such as Tensorflow, PyTorch etc. (preferred: knowledge of using GPUs) 
o    Experience in integrating with internal and external complex systems that are able to scale and demonstrate security, reliability, scalability, and cost efficiency 
o    Experience in projects involving large scale multi-dimensional datastore, complex business infrastructure, and cross-functional teams, and track-record of successfully launched ML projects in production 
o    Passion for creating new technologies with high product impact within sport. 
•    Education 
o    Bachelor’s, MS or PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, Computational Statistics, Machine Learning or related STEM fields 
•     Skills: 
o    Verbal/written communication and presentation skills, including an ability to effectively communicate with both business and technical teams, and both internal and external stakeholders 
o    An open minded, structured thinker

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