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Data Science Lead

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Are you an accomplished data scientist, looking to make a difference in a startup? This person will change the way we approach data here at Tonsser. The tracking data and infrastructure are up and running - and we have difficult data problems waiting to be solved. We need someone ready to bring structure and robustness to the way we understand our users and the football industry.

This job is for someone who loves complex problems, and wants to solve them through data. Right now, the way football talents are noticed is opaque. You either get noticed by knowing someone, or by luck. We want to decrease the dependency on luck, contacts, or cash and make this industry focus on something more universal: talent.

Our app is for youth footballers, and it helps them to showcase their potential through performance, match performance, and key skills. We don't focus on professional footballers: that's not the point here. The idea is to recognise talent: no matter what league they're playing in, or who they are.

We know that "data science" is a buzz word, and if you've just done a 3 month course on it, this position's not for you. This position is more for someone who thinks in DataFrames, breathes analytics, and eats startups for breakfast.

We're a company that's biased towards autonomy, responsibility, and big impact. And the data that you'll get to use? Some of the sexiest that there is out there, Scout's honour.

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Discovering footballers is becoming as easy as discovering musicians on Spotify. Tonsser explains how here:

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