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Optima Sports Systems

is looking for a

Data Engineer

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Barcelona, Spain

Optima Sports Systems is assembling a team to develop next-generation football analytics software. Leveraging the latest technology in computer vision and machine learning, and an understanding of the game from top football coaches, our software will provide automatic tactical feedback to top clubs, leagues, and youth academies.

We are looking for a talented and motivated data engineer to develop, construct, test, and maintain processes and architectures for data acquisition, storage, retrieval, and processing. You will lead the process of implementing a system that can effectively combine data from a variety of sources, and storing them in a way that allows for efficient querying. Our data includes not only relational data but also timeseries data, event data, and video data and so an appropriate variety of technologies will be necessary to bring these data together.

This is a greenfield project and you will play a critical role in its success, with leadership opportunities available as the team grows. We value individual ownership and responsibility over projects, a healthy approach to velocity and technical debt, and providing constant feedback to each other. We are a new company with a small but growing team, backed by strong strategic partners from the football industry, providing an opportunity for every contributor to shape our culture. 

As our first data engineer, you must be driven and independent, able to make technological decisions and justify them to the team. You must be able to make progress on your own, but also assist with hiring and onboarding in the future. Your contributions, not only to our codebase but also to our organization, will be crucial to our success.

Optima Sport System’s offices are located in Sant Joan Despí, easily accessible by public transport from Barcelona proper.


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