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Metrica Sports

is looking for a

Data Acquisition Team (football/soccer)

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Alkmaar, Netherlands


Do you love football and do you want to be part of the next groundbreaking and rapidly growing startup in the field of football analytics? This is your chance! Metrica Sports is revolutionizing data-driven tactical analysis and we are expanding our Data Acquisition team!

We are looking for candidates to join our team in Amsterdam for the Major League Soccer season currently underway. Most workdays are scheduled on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but other days are a possibility as well, albeit to a lesser extent. Your job will consist of two main tasks:

1) Manage our semi-automated tracking software to acquire positional data for all players in a match

2) Identify and generate data on each event in a match, i.e. all passes, shots, ball recoveries, etc.

This data is the very basis of the analyses we provide to our clients including teams in the Spanish La Liga and the US Major League Soccer.


Why work at Metrica Sports?

Football is the most popular sport on earth. Billions of fans cheer for their teams every single weekend, while millions of players are giving it their all on the field. It connects people in a way that only a shared passion can achieve. It unites families; it creates friendships; it brings joy into the world. At Metrica Sports, we live to contribute to that passion. If you would like to a be a part of this, then Metrica Sports is the perfect place for you!



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