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Software Development Internship

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London, Europe

Is coding your way of life? We’re looking for a software development intern to join us in our London office for the 2018-2019 school year. You’ll work alongside a team of Hudlies on projects like the next iteration of our platform for coaches and athletes, an overhaul of our microservices architecture or cutting-edge tools for sports analysts. You Are A current student. We welcome degree-seeking students in related fields to join the family. Excited. You’re hungry to gain experience by shipping code to production in a fast-paced environment. (Yeah, production.) Passionate. You take pride in your course projects, side projects and/or open source contributions. Innovative. You hate the idea of being a cog in the machine—you want to own your features. You Will Work on a brilliant team. You’ll work together to solve problems and make life better for our users. Be invested in. Your code will be reviewed by seasoned developers to help you level-up. Solve real-world problems. You'll build tools that will help thousands of teams improve. We Will Treat you like a full-time employee. You are part of the team, with real responsibilities and the opportunity to make a big impact at Hudl. We want to hear what you think and will often ask you to weigh in on team decisions. Give you what you need. We’re happy to supply the environment and tools for success, so you can focus on learning new and fun skills. Challenge you. Our internship program is designed to give you a challenging and rewarding experience. Feed you. As a Hudlie working from our London office, you'll get free lunch once a week.

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