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Frontend Engineer

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Los Angeles, United States

With PlayVS, students can play video games as a sport for a state championship. Come help us as we bring esports to 20K high schools for the first time ever nationwide. We’re looking for a Front-end Engineer to contribute excellent code to a UI that is beautiful, minimalist, highly-functional, and absent from bloat using the most modern web UI technologies. The main tools in our arsenal are: ReactJS, Redux, ES6, Websockets, HTML5, CSS3. We apply an all-out functional, all-async programming style using Ramda. Learn more about PlayVS here: Responsibilities: • Extensive experience in crafting nuanced user interfaces using ReactJS. • Top-notch CSS skills, including animation, complex layouts, multi-device responsiveness, and a fine eye for design details and typography. • Strong general programming skills using modern ECMAScript. Functional programming experience with Ramda / stateless components a bonus. Minimal Qualifications: • You are a joy to work with because of your positive attitude and technical competence. • You have consistently shipped high quality code to production as part of a team. • You collaborate effectively with back-end engineers, product managers, and designers to help craft a user experience and see it through to the end. • You write clean, composable components, with a willingness to challenge yourself and to learn all the time. • You understand the importance of comprehensive unit testing, even at the user interface layer. • You have a passion for changing the perception and landscape of esports in high schools.

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